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Trequanda: the enchanting of colors and history

The medieval village of Trequanda perches on a hill straddling the Val d'Asso west and the wide Chiana Valley to the east, the center of which is parallel to the river, the Romans conquered Etruria they built the Via Cassia. Trequanda: a timeless borough The profile of the medieval village of Trequanda appears very similar to what appeared in the eyes of a knight that time going up, it left behind a plain where the Chiana. 

The color Sienna takes its name from the warm tones of ocher earth hilly countryside. In the Pliocene period these lands were lowered until it was invaded by the sea. Then rose and the sea receded, leaving sand and clay that now make up the crust in the area. The view always impressive, it changes with the seasons. In autumn the bare plowed fields show a wide range of shades from white to brown the bottom of the ice.

The territory of Trequanda is rich in lush forests whose trees and shrubs are typical of the Mediterranean flora and the low mountains of the Apennines. In some places where the soil is sandy, vegetation is very similar to that of sea coasts. Visiting Trequanda The top of the mountain Piazza di Siena is located on the left of Trequanda and is covered with forests of hornbeam. 

The forest of the mountain overlooking Lecceto Castelmuzio, is made up mainly of oak trees. On the hills are cultivated vineyards and olive groves in the valley irrigated maize, sunflower and sometimes tobacco. Solemn white cloak and short horns, cows graze in the meadows of the Chianina breed. A land of mystics, saints and preachers and Siena, but also of merchants, travelers, mercenaries and bandits.

These ancient lands were in the medieval centuries a crossroads of peoples, armies and heavy traffic from all over Europe.

Tips and Info

Trequanda situated on a hill between Val di Chiana and Val Ace. She grew up under the influence of Siena, fell with it in the Republic of Florence of the Medici in 1554. To see in Trequanda: the Church of Saints Peter and Andrew, the old village and the hamlet of Petroio Castelmuzio with the beautiful Romanesque church of St. Stephen in Cennano. The town has been awarded the prestigious Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club that rewards some inland towns selected and certified by the Touring.

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