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Bread, oil and a glass of wine: the good life in Siena

Autumn, especially the month of October, is the best moment to explore the wonderful world of oil making: fields are full of people, harvesting olives by hands (here machines cannot climb the hills), by shaking the trees. Oil here is a serious matter: a very important part of the rural economy lives on oil, which is one of the most famous in the world.

Actually, trees do not need a hard care as, for example wine; nature does the most, offering the best that she can. Sometimes the result is good, sometimes not. Bad weather, illnesses or other events can waste the harvest and spoil a working year. But still, it worth spending a day or two in the fields.

As for the wine, some produces organize a kind of farmer holiday: you can work with them and do the oil campaign and, at the end, take with you the oil that comes out from the oil mill. This is a fundamental aspect of oil making: olives must be milled immediately or at least within 24 hours after the harvest. You should also visit a mill to understand the magic of the process. Farmers, private and companies arrive during the day or even late at night with their harvest: if they can, they wait to see and taste the oil coming out. This is the truth moment: oil can be good, very scented and tasty or medium, or even bad.

The mills, not only the oil ones, are very important in Tuscan history and tradition. Grain, oil, chestnuts, corn: everything was milled to produce the basic ingredients used in the kitchen.

If you are not the kind of person who like to dig your hands, Siena surroundings are plenty of popular Oil fair: a chance to visit these little borough and dive yourself into a popular tradition, tasting the new oil.

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