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Discover the unusual Siena

Siena is the city of tradition. And sometimes it seems almost immersed in an immutable atmosphere, as if time never really passed.

This is the impression that many visitors have for their first time strolling through the streets of the city. Siena seems like an immutable city but, on the contrary, it is a very lively city, able to offer always new ideas and unusual corners to discover.

The itinerary that we propose today leads you to the discovery of some places in the city not always included in the classic routes.

Discover Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina, in addition to being the patron saint of Italy and Europe, is one of the most important personalities of Siena. Born in the borough called Fontebranda, contrada of the Goose, she discovers her vocation at a very young age. Her life was dedicated to the church and she is also the example of a majestic woman who, at that time, managed to enforce her will, living as she wanted, despite the obstacles, and leaving an important mark in history. One of her relics is kept in the Basilica of San Domenico, and it is a finger used to give the blessing  to Italy and the Armed Forces.

The borough of Fontebranda, in which we remain, was inhabited from the earliest times by those who worked wool. The need to have so much water available, had elected this place as ideal for this activity. The imposing and marvellous fountain dates back to 1081. In 1246 it was rebuilt in bricks in its current form.

From the district of the Goose in Valmontone

Just walk to the other side of the city, a long walk but it's worth it, and you get to the district of Valmontone. Here we visit the Orto de 'Pecci, a medieval vegetable garden that has been faithfully recreated. In any season you can see the various medicinal plants, aromatic plants and even those to create the colors suitable for dyeing fabrics.

From here, always on foot, you can go towards the Basilica of San Clemente. This place inspires peace and calm, to be enjoyed in solitude or in good company. And if you still want a wonder to discover, go to the headquarters of the contrada of Valmontone and reach the terrace with a view of the whole city. A breathtaking view, especially at sunset.

Enjoy Siena!





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