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Siena and surroundings, visit the best Unesco sites


Here time governs space, senses sublimate reality to blend it into the feeling, everything is art-made (made to art and art made), nature becomes home and home becomes creation, the spirit of the town is an invention of men.


Siena, Piazza del Campo

Siena: the city of the Palio and the eternal wonder, whose historic center was registered by the Committee in 1995 whereas Siena is an extraordinary medieval city. The city is a masterpiece of dedication and inventiveness in which buildings are designed to be adapted to the entire drawing of the urban structure and, in addition, to form a whole with the surrounding landscape.

Pienza, Piazza Pio II

Pienza: the ideal city built by Pope Pius II. Registered by the Committee in 1996, it represents the first application of the humanities concepts in urban planning, and because it occupies a position in the development of the concept of the ideal city that has played a significant role in subsequent urban development in Italy and beyond. The meaning of this principle in Pienza, and especially a group of buildings around the central square, is a masterpiece of human creative genius.

San Gimignano, the city of 100 towers

San Gimignano: the city of towers which is a collection of art in urban form. The Historic Centre of San Gimignano is a masterpiece of human creative genius, it brings a unique testimony, or at least exceptional, of a cultural tradition, and finally an outstanding example of a type of building or architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which is evidence of major stages of human history.

Panorama of Val d'Orcia

The Val d'Orcia: a universe of authentic rural life. The 'whole area as the Val d'Orcia is an exceptional example of how the landscape was re-written in Renaissance times to reflect the ideals of good governance and to create a' aesthetically pleasing image. In addition, the landscape of the Val d'Orcia was celebrated by painters of the Sienese school, which flourished during the Renaissance. The images of the Val d'Orcia - and particularly depictions of landscapes where people are depicted as live in harmony with nature - have become icons of the Renaissance and have profoundly influenced the development of landscape thinking in future years.
A land to live in and to enjoy in every season of the year!
To unite these four cardinal points of the absolute beauty of the territories where nature designs with the help of men charms perennials: the forests of Amiata, the unpolluted Val di Merse, elegant Chianti harmony in Val di Chiana, the strength of Crete to the magic of Val d'Elsa.

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