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Siena: exploring the traditional markets

Colorful, plenty of surprises and sometimes with good deals, markets are the best place to see how life goes and also offers a privileged panorama of the various mankind that lives the town.

The markets in Siena

The town is always full of tourists, that is way, the many shops you can find there may be tourists oriented, but in these years, many artistic and traditional shops have given a new life. Markets are different: here local people come to find things they cannot find in shops or just to do their deals. As you can do yours, simply strolling among the stalls, in search of that special something you will take home, always remembering that special place of your journey.

The city's most important weekly market, held every Wednesday morning at La Lizza, from 8.30 to 13.30, the outdoor market fills the streets around the fortress of stalls of vendors. You can find clothes, shoes, bags, household items, flowers, fruit and vegetables, all at great prices.

The Siena flea market

Siena has also a flea market with antiques takes place in the Market Square on the third Sunday of each month. There are also two holidays to Saint Lucia, December 13 with the market in Pian dei Mantellini and also St. Joseph, March 19, on the side of the building in Piazza del Campo. The church dedicated to this saint is the end of the road (Vicolo della Fonte).

The markets are also a good place to try local street food. Maybe not the Panino with the Lampredotto, typical in Florence, but you will always find a producer of Brigidini, cakes flavored with anise that produce some curious machines, you will see them in large bags and have the form of chips.

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