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What to see in Siena: the Divine beauty

This uncommon word explains a new way of making an historical building alive with the help of 3D technology. Images created by computer run over the walls of the building, creating a new story with almost alive characters, landscapes and skylines.


The Divine Beauty

This is the Divine Beauty, a new initiative that enhances the cultural complex of the Cathedral of Siena, reviving the history of the city, the Cathedral and the New Cathedral, in a journey through time emotion, myth and beauty. The video mapping is a the projection of 3D images on a physical surface, the Facciatone of Siena Cathedral, which allows you to reconstruct important historical moments and give new life to structures and monuments.

The 5 acts show makes the character structure of the Siena Cathedral and the New Cathedral, tell the great story of this monument and of the whole city in an original and exciting way to raise awareness of the cultural heritage of Siena, transmitting values, messages and historical re-enactments, live by the monuments and telling the history and identity using a unique and unforgettable setting.

Where and when in Siena

The event needs no day light, so you will enjoy the show at night, between 24 July and 30 September 2015, as soon as the light will come down, the Facciatone of Siena Cathedral will light up in a thrilling and poetic evocation that captivate tourists from around the world.

A half-hour show, an original soundtrack and a story in Italian and English, because every viewer can be taken away by the long history of Siena.


You can visit the web site at to get info on shows and tickets.

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