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The gold of Siena

Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti and, most of all, Duccio di Boninsegna were the masters of this new philosophy which aimed to highlight the majesty of God.

Siena, spiritual town

It begins in the thirteenth century, with golden backgrounds, the great season of Sienese spiritual art. Gold is a precious sign of the divine light of heaven, perfect and absolute. It ‘s a gold background you see in the Madonna di Montaperti, almost a votive offering of thanksgiving for the victory of Siena, is a gold background for the Madonna delle Grazie, to which the winners of the Palio, dedicated a victorious march, carrying the Drappellonen and singing a hymn of thanksgiving. The most famous of all funds gold Siena is the imposing majesty of Duccio (1308-1311). The Senese carried her triumphantly in the Cathedral from the workshop of Duccio, in the streets of the city and Piazza del Campo.

Admiring the Maestà of Duccio


The majestic painting on several wooden panels deserves a visit: take your time to contemplate the different parts of this work of art, kept at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. But the most important golden backgrounds in Italy are stored in the Pinacoteca of Siena. In 37 rooms there is the whole of great Senese art with its characters from Duccio to Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti, by Sano di Pietro at Sassetta, by Lippo Memmi in Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

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