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A day at the Hot springs: Rapolano Terme

One of the best destination in Tuscany is Rapolano Terme with its thermal waters already renowned and active in Roman times, as evidenced by the important archaeological finds. Waters that gush out in various cities situated around the village, giving rise to plants popular for the treatment of numerous diseases.

In recent years Rapolano has rediscovered the importance of its waters, giving rise to a Spa sulfur springs that flow from the large shoals of travertine that abound in the area. The thermal waters are particularly indicated for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, skin diseases and respiratory disorders. Two establishments in activity: the Terme Antica Querciolaia - where Garibaldi took care of his injuries in Aspromonte - and the Terme San Giovanni, a haven of peace, which offers the possibility of combining care, vacation and relaxation.

The mineral waters flow from the source at a temperature of 39° C. The natural elements that they contain are mainly composed of sulphur, providing their distinctive odour, and calcium bicarbonate. Combined with the high temperatures of the spa water, these two components provide healing properties that are particularly effective in treating skin problems, as well as the motor and respiratory systems. In addition to the feeling of relaxation and comfort that bathing in these springs provides, it also has a cosmetic effect on the skin.

What can be better than spending a day in a warm thermal pool, enjoying the time while outside is cold?

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