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Sandra Kern: the fascination of silk in Siena

Each of them is a microcosm born from the passion of these people who chose Siena to express their talented way of expression. Sandra Kern is one of them, if you stop and peep in her shop, you will find her leant down a silk panel with a brush in her hand and her eyes concentrated on the sign of color she is using.

Even before being caught by the amazing pieces of art dressing her shop, you may be caught by her way of working: a mix of modern technique and an ancient way of being artisan, probably very similar to what Senese people lived in the Middle Age. Sandra was born in Hamburg and since the age of 15, she took courses in painting and drawing investigating various techniques such as watercolor, tempera and oil painting.

The first contact with the silk painting dates back over twenty-five years ago. That is why her technique is so well developed. Her shop is a kaleidoscope of colors: ties, panels, foulards and many other things you can buy ready-made. But if you want your own personal piece, she can do it for you.

The drawings you can see are all original, Sandra is an excellent designer, taking some of her inspiration from the ancient drawings of Siena and from the images and scenes, she sees in every day’s life.

A nice souvenir of Siena and also a special touch of the Italian culture.

For Info Sandra Kern Vi Stalloreggi 55 Siena

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