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Siena with the masters of Jazz

Jazz music is almost a religion for most of them, something that goes beyond a professional future and is linked with their being artists, before being musicians. Working with the masters Siena jazz is this and much more.

A high specialization school that formed in its 44 editions some of the best jazz musicians in the world and is a University center during the year where it is possible to study in a continuous way and then have the chance to meet important international musicians in the Summer Clinics.

Siena is the perfect town to host music, every kind, but jazz music especially, since the atmospheres created by the sounds of this genre, perfectly match with the mood of the town, especially at night. The head quarter of the Clinics is in the Fortezza Medicea, built on the will of Cosimo the Ist between 1561 and 1563 to avoid Senese people to rebel against the Florence domination.

During the clinics Siena becomes the center of International jazz scene with a lot of concerts scattered around the town. Most of the musicians are also the teachers of the master classes, and some of the events are dedicated to the students, giving them a chance to perform and try their artistic abilities, directly on stage.

If you like to experience some genuine jazz, do not miss the jam sessions in some of the clubs in town, where everyone is welcomed to go on stage and perform with other people met on the moment and try some scat or improvisation. A funny moment to enjoy music and interplay.

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