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Siena and the cinema: Athena becomes a set

Siena became really very famous, much more than it has always been, thanks to the third episode of the Twilight saga, even if the real shooting was in Montepulciano. Sometimes the shooting may reveal some surprises: what you see in the scenes make you think to something that could be other, the magic of the cinema.

Since we love cinema, imagine our surprise when we receive the email of a big American production, asking us to use our hotel for their shooting. Great! All began in 2013 when Mr. Michael Winterbottom, the director, stayed by chance at the hotel and after that decided to use it as the set for his next film, Face of Angel, a history freely inspired to the life of Amanda Knox.


It was a great chance for us to see the backstage of an international film production, meeting the crew and the cast and learning day by day the little secrets, the working rules (do not never, ever take a photo during the shooting!) and the general atmosphere in the hotel.

Thrilling days, indeed: caring for a crew of 30 and more people can be really hard to manage together with the normal flow of other guests in the hotel. You may want to know some gossip about the cast or the director! Well, they still are top secret, but we must say that, notwithstanding they had great names in the film business (the director won the Berlin Golden Bear two times and the two actresses participated to great productions), they are gentle, educated and easy people. The film will be in the cinemas at the end of the year and we are really thrilled to tell everyone.

For the moment, we present you the trailer where you can see some of the scenes shot in the main hall and at the reception.

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