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How do you say in English Cantuccino?

Pici, contrada, canapo, mossiere, panzanella, pappa col pomodoro: only a few example of what you will ask for at the restaurant or hear by Senese people, in the streets, in the bar or from the open windows of the ancient red stones buildings. To enjoy your staying in Siena and better understand culture, traditions, food and wine, especially if you are staying during the Palio, you will need a short but useful dictionary Senese to English, which will introduce you some of the most common words in the local dialect. Pici: pronounced as you write it, pi-ci.

It’s the typical Senese handmade pasta. Something you should taste with Aglione sauce, which is the traditional recipe. Panzanella: here the “z” is a strong one, try to put a “t” before the “z”. Also remember to double the “l” and to close with a plein “a”. This is also a typical dish here, a mix of soft white Tuscan bread, fresh tomatos, onion and basil. Especially in Summer, this is a fresh way to eat. Crostini: pronounced as it is written, it’s a way to open your meal. A slice of Tuscan bread, sometimes grilled in the oven, with a cream of chicken liver and other ingredients. Contrada: “the word” in Siena.

The town and its life is organized around the contrada system. If you really want to live an experience, come in the week before the palio to participate and see the preparation of the race Mossiere: pronounced with the double “s”, pay attention to the “I” before the “e”, you have to spell both the letters. He is the man governing the race of the Palio, calling the horses to enter the space between the “canapi” and giving the start as soon as the horses are in the right position. He arrives only at the moment of the race and goes away immediately with a personal protection, just to avoid the reactions of the “contradaioli”.

If you want to investigate more about the Tuscan dialect, this is a nice link to find words and meanings,

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