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Discovering the artisans in Siena: frame working at Il Telaio

We have visited some of them and we will tell their stories, starting from this week, just to let you discover another part of our Siena.

Meeting Lucia of Il Telaio

Behind the Piazza del Campo, in a narrow street opposite to the one that goes to Fonte Branda, you can find this little shop, a very colorful one, where the main actor is an ancient wooden loom that gives origin to almost all the wonderful creations you can see in the shop. Thirty years ago the old owner, a lady with the will of doing something great apart from being a housewife, buys an ancient loom, somewhere in the Siena country yard.

And that is how everything began. Lucia, who was very young, entered the activity as en employee and then, when the owner decided to retired, took the activity and kept on working with her husband. It is not only a question of being a good frame worker, but also to be creative. The tissues are all Lucia’s inventions: colors, combinations, designs. Even the jackets, skirts and all the other clothes that you will find in the shop, are Lucia’s creations.

Patience and passion

Soft, warm and comfortable clothes made by pure wool and sometimes, mohair or other precious materials. In the pictures, you will see Elena, a very nice lady, quite expert in frame working, since she got a university diploma in Textile. The Licci technique is a very complicated one: first of all you have to create the “armature” or better the weave with all the clew and colors you desire.

Then you have to work passing the spool from one side to another. A long work that takes time, patience, technique and passion!

If you want to meet Lucia, visit her website,, or go directly to her shop, Chiasso del Bargello, 2, Siena.

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