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Truffle time in Siena: the white gold of Crete Senesi

If you have never tasted it, you will be surprised by this precious product of the land, born with the same method of mushrooms but smelling much more powerfully. Truffles season is normally in autumn but even in spring, you can find a less valuable kinds called Marzuolo, from the word Marzo which means March.

This is the period where you can start to hunt truffles. What do you imagine about this? Well, it’s quiet a secret job: every hunter has his own dogs, trained to hunt, and his own very, very secret area to hunt.

Finding a truffle is a real emotion, almost more intense that eating a good dish of Pappardelle, a typical handmade pasta, egg-based, with a glass of Chianti wine. But if you want to have a nice experience, before visiting the White truffle Fair in San Giovanni d’Asso in novembre, take the steam old train, leaving from the railway station of Siena and going to this wonderful place, with an enchanted castle.


Eating the truffle

Due to its strong smell and taste, truffle is mainly used on handmade pasta, eggs, or even with some fish. It can be eaten fresh, just cut in subtle slices or even used to spice the good Tuscan oil to garnish pasta. But the best is on scrambled eggs! Just try and then let us know!



Unless you know a real truffle hunter, you will hardly have the chance to go hunting. So it’s easier to visit the places where the best truffles are. If you want to use the Trenonatura, you can reserve your train ticket here http://www.

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