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Siena wild pig: traditions and culture to discover

 The Cinta Senese is a special wild pig, characterized by the dark, almost black colour of its skin, body hair and its head, with the exception of a ‘cinta’ [belt] of white hair that wraps around its body. This pig has sturdy limbs, long ears and a long snout that allows it to dig in the wild, with ease and these are the characteristics allowing him to live free-range in the woodlands.

Amazing as it seems, this pig was at extinction risk for several years, till people and farmers understood it was a value, not only from a gastronomic point of view, but also from a cultural and traditional aspect. Many farmers began to grow the pigs and to produce all kinds of tasty product, coming from this animal.

Now completely off the endangered species, it has a DOP classification, as a high quality product, tightly tied to tradition. It is now listed among those culinary excellencies that render Tuscany and Italy so famous the world over. Would you like to try some of the most famous dishes, such as the Prosciutto (ham) or the Ragu (a special sauce with the pig’s meat) or the Pappardelle (handmade pasta) with Ragu?

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