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Artisans of the beauty, shopping the old Siena

Siena is full of artisans, working as once upon a time and still keeping some of their techniques, secret to our eyes, just to protect a very important part of the history of the town: pastry makers, pottery, sewing and embroidery makers, yellow marble and many other things. Keep on walking and stroll through the narrow streets of the city, to discover the many artisans working there: textile workshops where wool dyed with natural dyes are hand woven as five hundred years ago, to create an irregular tissue of great value.

The blacksmith's shop where they "beat" the iron with ancient techniques and tools. There are also art workshops where artisans work is able to reproducing paintings by famous Sienese artists who lived between 1200 and 1500 with original techniques such as the use of eggs to mix the color as Cennino Cennini describes it in his "Book of Art" 1350.

The best place to find these shops are the narrow alleys of the center town: Via Stalloreggi, Via di Città, Banchi di Sopra, Via Montanini, Via della Sapienza and Banchi di Sotto. Not to forget the area around the magnificent Siena Dome: Via dei Fusari and Via dei Pellegrini, or Vicolo degli Orbachi.

Something special to buy? The Santa Lucia bells, clay hand painted with the colors of the Contradas, used to take away the bad spirits from the children, or the Barberi, old children's wooden game involving balls painted with the colors of the Contradas.

Stay tuned and keep on following us, in the next posts we will interview some of them!

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