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Bambimus: Siena for children

Italy started to find its way to engage children and parents, proposing new ideas and, in some cases, nice interactive museum itineraries to let them discover our beautiful works of Art. We visited Bambimus, an art museum completely dedicated to children, with special activities thought to let them enter the art’s world in an easy way.

How? Just letting them interact with works of art through experiencing activities. The Museum's collection is composed by works whose subject is childhood or everything connected with that. They collected paintings ranging from a period of history that embraces the past and the present.

The nature of the work varies from painting on canvas or board to photography, video, and includes sculpture. The collection is enriched by donations, loans and personal property. The activities are all produced by the Museum as realizations of videos, short films, music or soundtracks, plays, short stories. In addition, the exhibits are always designed and set up for children, depending on the program are temporary.

Numerous initiatives have been proposed, each year, for example, during the Christmas season, the museum carries out the installation “special tree “in the heart of Siena. The work is always original and different for the themes chosen which are related to Christmas. The activities are differentiated by age, such as to constitute workshops for children aged 3-6 years separate activities for children aged 6-11 years.

The tours are structured in such a way that the characters, situations, topics, authors and works of art-historical western culture, are presented to the user of small to create a knowledge of art history. On weekends, there are theater and workshops for children accompanied by their families.

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