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What to visit in Siena with children


The museum of children

The museum is housed in the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala. Within the premises of the hall called Apothecary, you will find nice spaces for laboratories. There is also a little but interesting art collection in St. Leopold hall.
The Museum deals with art in various contexts of expression: symbolic, such as the fairy tale, or real. The latter are like large containers that lead the relationship with art in a more differentiated way.

Since 2004 Bambimus (the proper name of the museum) began to be enriched with works borrowed from other city institutions. In 2005, with the acquisition of Cupid (painted terracotta Fulvio Corsini), he begins to form the collection of children's art. Its characteristic is to collect works with subject childhood or directly addressed to it. Between 2006 and 2007 Bambimus develops constituting different paths according to different age groups.

Educating children to art

The main activities of the museum are to organize courses and educational activities, through the help of teachers and specialized trainers who start from the collections and art works present in the museum, which have to subject children or be addressed to it. They belong to different periods, from ancient to contemporary, and are of varied nature (painting on canvas or wood, sculpture, photography and video).

Children can live art directly, experiencing it and having a memory of it.

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