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The ancient art of falcons in Siena

The falconry in Siena

The ancient and fascinating falconry has returned to live again in Siena, a few meters from Piazza del Campo, in the show "Towers and falcons - Eagles and hawks flying over the towers of Siena." Italian top flight riders made by the Academy with the support of the City, the Monte dei Paschi, of Federcaccia and Legambiente, the show, which was held at Orto dei Pecci, has attracted the curiosity of the Sienese and tourists, abducted the majestic and unpredictable evolutions of eagles and hawks. Falconry in the Middle Ages in Siena knows its most successful period.

Regarded as an ancient art not only for hunting, but a real philosophical discipline and social, it is present in many examples and even in important works of art, such as in the frescoes of the Lorenzetti Good Government, which are located in the Public Palace.

A unique show to enjoy

The show was curated by Alduino Ventimiglia di Monteforte in the classic way of medieval art of falconry. For many participants it was a fascinating experience, not only for its historical value, but also for its ability to express the eternal balance between the forces of nature and the ability, intelligence and strategies of th man to go along with their wishes.

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