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A week end of sport in Siena

Even small town, like Siena have a lot to offer specially in the next four weeks. From February 28th until March 22nd, Siena will host the second edition of Sport Siena Weekend, a month to promote the general wellness. Four weekends with the ambition to put in motion, in a broad sense the city, join the competitive aspect to the amateur, and celebrate the Sport in its highest sense: respect for rules and sharing, socialization and inclusion.

Enjoying sport and wellness in Siena

The program is really full of events that will engage not only adults but also young and children, including professionals and non-professionals: TerrediSiena Ultramarathon, Gran Fondo, Archery, Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, Boxing, Athletics, Judo, Minibasket, Nordic Walking, dancing and gymnastics and many other events. The sport will be shown in all its forms, with live performances, but also exhibitions and seminars, internships and leisure time as the Country race within the walls promoted by the Contrada of Giraffa: a unique initiative of its kind.

Or the Nordic Walking Siena 2 "Discovering the Tabernacles in Contrada", walking with poles organized by the Nordic Walking You Go, which as explained Catherine Frey, will help discovering little treasures of art (are about 120 tabernacles in Siena ed), that often escape the attention.

Sport for social engagement

Some of the events will also have a special social side, convey, through sport, a message will always arrive precisely at heart: to create a triage pediatric hospital H24 citizen S. Maria alle Scotte, so that children will have a fast track, to avoid death or suffering. Even the taste will have its space: Open Area Tuscany and the Italian Sommelier Association Tuscany will be present with the excellence of our territory for tastings of the best products; while the fourth round of the Sienese Ciococosi, in addition to the knowledge in all its forms the "food of the gods", is part of the program of Sport Siena Weekend with Urban Urban Choco Choco Running and Walking.

A month of events, therefore, they will have scenery like Siena and its hills, the stars of sports events for the mental well-being and not only.

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