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Our way to Tuscan Kitchen

Take these images with you when you arrive in Siena, because you will find them again sitting in the rooftop of our hotel or enjoying your lunch at our restaurant. Tradition for us is fundamental: the basis of our every day’s work since we were children, when our father had the first idea of building the Athena.

That is why is so important for us to continue this valuable experience, starting from our kitchen. Today we would like to introduce Francesco, one of our two chefs. He’s actually a real “senese”, born and lived in Siena and fond of the Siena dishes and way of cooking. He just married our philosophy: offering guests the best that we can about local food, done with traditional recipes and cooked with the love and patience that you can still find in the Osteria’s in town.

The family cooking experience is the base of Francesco art of cooking: aunts and grannies gave him the old secrets that now you can taste in our dishes, all hand made. But also on our daily and long experience with customers, always precious in giving us suggestions and advices on how they would like to eat Italian food.

Local products by selected producers, following the flow of the seasons in order to work with fresh and season row materials, listening to what nature is telling us: these are the secrets of our menu. Ribollita, Pici, Cinta senese pork dishes, fiorentina beefsteak are only a few of the tastes you can enjoy at “Il Mangia”, our restaurant.

Would you like to have some news about the next Menu? Ask us and Francesco and we will be pleased to answer you.

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